Arabic music from Sweden


Formed in 2008, Tarabband, a word game on Tarab and band, is a six-member band founded by the Iraqi musician Nadin Al Khalidi and Swedish musician Gabriel Hermansson in Malmö, Sweden. It is a cross-cultural attempt at creating Tarab, an Arabic expression for “ecstasy through music”. Tarabband’s original sound and compositions are rooted in Middle eastern, Nordic Folk & Traditional music, Jazz, Persian and Latin music.

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Official showcase selection: 
Folk Alliance, US (2016)
Visa for Music, Morocco (2015)
WOMEX, Spain (2014)

Awards and nominations:
“Tradition Bearer” Swedish World Music Awards 2014
“Best Crossover” Swedish World Music Awards 2014
“Group of the year” Swedish World Music Awards 2013
“Rhythm of the year” Manifest Gala, Sweden 2013